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Synergy has been so great! I walk out feeling like a million bucks after a full body workout. I am down 35 lbs, and my energy level is through the roof. Everyone is so friendly, I really feel like part of a community!

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I originally joined small group training at Synergy to workout with two friends. I have to be honest, I was not for this because I was not comfortable in a “real” gym setting. I find gyms to be very intimidating.

Fast forward to present day, I have lost 18.5 lbs and I am down 7.2% body fat. The staff at Synergy truly care that you get great results. They are patient while you learn the exercises, they are right by your side cheering you on and showing you the correct way to do the exercises to ensure that you don’t injure yourself and are quick to offer-modifications if needed to help you get the most out of your workout and to help you get closer to your personal goal. You leave there tired, but with satisfaction that you just had a great workout and know great results are coming. For me, having the trainers right by my side to keep me motivated and make me push myself is exactly what I needed. I had been going to another gym for 2 years without any results. Making the switch was the best decision.




Working with the Synergy team has worked for me for so many reasons. The small group training allows me to have a flexible schedule for workouts. The workouts are full body and include a number of exercises that before Synergy I would not have tried or believed I would be able to do. My goals can be as simple as just showing up for the class to more challenging like building up to my first 3 miles race in years. The workout is done in an hour and then I can get back to my busy life of managing kids and work. So far I have lost 16 lbs and have lowered my body fat by 7.5% The whole team is supportive and fun so it is never a chore to show up.




I’ve only been doing small group training at Synergy for two and a half months, but already I’ve lost 16 lbs, lowered my body fat by 8.5%, gained strength, and been motivated to make changes to my eating habits. I really like the mix of cardio and strength training in each class. The trainers keep things varied and work you hard. If you have any injury concerns, they modify the exercise so you don’t hurt yourself. Joining Synergy was the right choice for me.

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As a 60-year old woman who knows very well how tough it is to get and stay motivated with workouts, I love how the Synergy team adds a constant variety to every session. It keeps me coming back and I actually look forward to going to the gym! Down 9 pounds and 6% body fat, and I’m just getting started! The small group training has been a perfect fit for me.

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Losing Weight is All in Your Head

If you ask Google how to lose weight, it’ll return millions of articles and videos telling you what to eat and how to exercise. But there’s another overlooked factor that goes in to achieving lasting weight loss and fitness that is MORE important than what you eat and your workouts. It’s your mindset. And, I’ve discovered that a lot of people who set out on a health journey with the best intentions are held back from the results they want by the wrong mindset.

Before you roll your eyes, you should know there is research to prove what I’m saying – it’s not just new age, feel good stuff. Studies have shown that a negative mindset can actually prevent you from reaching your goals. Even if your diet is spot on and you are actively exercising, a negative mindset can squash your progress.

Your mindset plays a role from the very beginning and many people start off on the wrong foot entirely. They decide to lose weight because they are feeling bad about themselves. They don’t like the way they look. They don’t like the way they feel. They are focused on their fat, on their trouble spots and on what they perceive is “wrong” with them.

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Synergy 30 Day Challenge – Fall 2018 – Tracking Sheet

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Healthy Halloween Tricks and Treats

Walking through the drug store the other day it hit me. It’s only the beginning of October but the start of the holiday season is here. If you think I’m wrong, take a quick walk through CVS or BJs or Target and you’ll see it too. Right now the aisles are literally packed from top to bottom and beginning to end with Halloween candy. And, when that stuff is gone, there will be enough Christmas stuff to build a candy wall to the North Pole. This time of year can be really difficult for those of us who are trying eat clean, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Because everywhere you turn you’re bombarded with marketing messages that would have you believe you’re not really enjoying the season if you’re not over indulging.  

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really believe in deprivation. I don’t think you can follow any diet where certain foods are completely off limits, because life happens and you absolutely should be able to enjoy treats once in a while. So, to take a little of the guilt off for those of you who might dip into the trick or treat bags I thought I’d put together some suggestions on ways to balance out and even burn off those extra seasonal calories.

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October 13th Fall Nutrition Workshop

Join Linnea Laverty and special guest Jackie Landry on October 13th at 1:30 pm for a Fall Nutrition Workshop

Topics Will Include:
  • Pre- and post-workout fueling
    • The best foods to help you power through your workout
    • What to eat to promote the best recovery
    • Foods to avoid!
  • Our emotional connection to food
    • Why do we use food as a reward?
    • How to change your mindset
We’ll feature an extended Q&A which is YOUR time to address what’s important to you and share your goals.
Linnea Lavery is a certified nutritionist and trainer with a degree in nutritional science. She develops personalized nutrition programs that help people hit their weight loss and fitness goals without feeling deprived.
Jackie Landry is a health and wellness consultant who helps clients in the Boston area find and stay on their paths to a healthy and whole lifestyle.
Sign up through MindBody.

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