Kelly Giardullo


I started at Synergy 8 months after my second C-section with my son. At the time I had tried everything that would “ease” me into getting back in shape: Barre, running, Pilates, and I was beyond BORED!!!!! Not only was I bored, but I was not shedding the baby weight. When I met with Brad and saw the workout firsthand, I knew I would instantly love it. It changes daily and keeps your body guessing what is next. The small groups make for a unique boutique feel and allows you to build friendships with other clients while sweating it out. I honestly can’t say enough about how great the trainers are; they are kind, motivated and energetic, and you will never leave a workout disappointed or feeling like you didn’t work hard enough. They customize each workout for their clients’ special needs and you will always walk away excited for the training session.

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Tara Marcheterre


I joined Synergy 3 months ago to get in shape for my wedding and I am SO happy I did! The trainers are so helpful and fun at the same time – they make the workouts go by so fast and for the first time in my life I actually enjoy working out. I have lost 6.2% body fat and 12 lbs and still counting, and feel better about myself than I have in many many years!

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Aly Grushkin


I hated working out, and even more, going to the gym… But I always feel so good when I leave. I decided to try Synergy during their August promo and I will never look back… I am already seeing results (3″ down in waist, 4lbs, 3% body Fat (decrease) and 1% BMI (decrease)). I have been monitoring my portion sizes but haven’t made any major changes other than cutting out fried foods! I go 3 times a week and most mornings am excited to go! The trainers are AMAZING, personable and encouraging (without being too pushy) and you feel 100% comfortable exercising. They will give you modifications based on your limitations. I now LOVE working out, and Sean C kicks my ass EVERY SINGLE CLASS!

PS… As of today, I had to return a pair of jeggings I just bought because they were TOO baggy!

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Akshay Aggarwal

Lost 7 Inches Around Waist

It has been just over a year since I joined Synergy! I really like it!! Workouts here are fun, but challenging. I have lost 51 lbs., lowered my body fat by 14% and lost 7 inches around my waist. I participate in the Small Group Training here and the price for the training is reasonable. Jim and Sean are great trainers and they consistently keep me motivated. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Isha Gada

I Lost 20 lbs.

I joined Synergy in March 2016. In these last 4 months with Synergy’s help I lost 20 pounds of body weight. Evidently, Synergy’s high intensity interval training gives very good fitness results. Since their training is designed in groups of 5 it helps members sustain motivation and have fun through the exercise class. Sean, Jim, Cinthya do a good job training us on the floor with a well thought out plan and combination of exercises and encouragement that helps us do our best.

I would highly recommend Synergy to anyone wanting to lose weight or take their fitness to the next level. Looking forward to more of Synergy!

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Molly Gentilucci

Lost 40 Lbs

I had worked with personal trainers (one-on-one), joined big box gyms, and tried working out on my own – none of which worked for me. So, when a friend told me about how much they loved Synergy’s small group training, I was excited to give it a try (considering this was probably the only type of gym I hadn’t tried).

The entire process was quite easy. I first had a phone conversation with Brad, the owner, who was more than helpful in answering all of my big and small questions. Next, I came in for a meeting with Jackie, Membership Service Manager, who gave me a tour of the gym, went through the easy-to-use online scheduling system, set me up with the Six-Week Jump Start program, and led me through some initial fitness tests.

I have been with Synergy for four months now and have lost 40 lbs. and dropped 10% in body fat. Since my initial fitness test, I have doubled the time in which I can hold a wall sit, I have over tripled the time in which I can hold a plank, and quadrupled the amount of push-ups I can complete.

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Betsy Kimball

Its Not Just About Weight Loss

This past weekend, I finished the 3 day, 180 mile bicycle Trek Across Maine for the fourth time. While a challenge, as it should be, it was not grueling due to this past year’s training at Synergy. And my improved level of fitness made the challenge enjoyable.

I’ve been a member of Synergy for over 2 years, and each year the 3 day hill-filled Trek – an excellent measure of endurance, strength and cardio fitness – has gotten easier to accomplish – and consequently, much more enjoyable to do. Improved cardio fitness has given me confidence to take on road biking challenges which once seemed close to impossible. I’m looking forward to doing a one day Boston-P’town ride this weekend, and a ride across NY State this summer, thanks to the whole body workouts at Synergy. The focus on core strength and cardio improvement – geared to my personal level of fitness – has allowed challenges which seemed insurmountable to be within reach – and enjoyable.

Synergy can help you as an athlete improve your own personal level of fitness and give you confidence to go for goals which once seemed out of reach.

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Krista Marroquin


I am so happy! I have to buy new clothes because everything feels so loose! It is the best feeling ever! Losing the baby fat after pregnancy was a big accomplishment for me. I am experiencing amazing results! I could not have done it without Synergy! Sean motivates me and pushes me to do my best during training sessions. And with Jimmy by my side counting my pushups it only makes me work harder at my goals. I feel stronger than ever before! Down 21 lbs., and a decrease of 6.3% body fat and down 2 sizes. I feel like I am on top of the world!

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Maryann Bonanno


My results are proof both of the great work, encouragement and guidance of the staff at Synergy as well as motivation and hard work for me! In 6 weeks I lost 7.4% body fat, 7.2 lbs. and I have learned that I am stonger than I thought and look forward to becoming even stronger!!!

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