Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut Out Carbs

If you’re on a low-carb diet, you’ll try to keep your carbohydrate intake at around 100 grams per day. If you’re doing Keto, you’ll strive to keep your carbs down under 60 grams. But I recently read an article about a “new” diet that’s taking carb restriction even farther. It’s the zero carb diet.
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Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

I feel like the Thanksgiving holiday has become synonymous with over-eating. If you think I’m wrong consider this. The average Thanksgiving dinner complete with all the fixings is about 3000 calories. So, if you’re average that means you’re consuming more calories at that ONE meal than you should in about a day and a half.
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Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge

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12/2 – 12/31 – 30 Day Challenge

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The holiday season is typically a time of over-indulgence during which many many people gain weight. Participating in the Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge is a way to make this year different.

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The Best Way to Battle Holiday Stress

Have you ever heard the Christmas carol that calls the holiday season ” the most wonderful time of the year?” Although I love the holidays and the festivities that go along with them, the reality is there’s also a TON of stress around this season.
A survey from the American Psychological Association showed that 22% of Americans describe themselves as being under an “extreme level” of stress in general.
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What Happens When You Eat Late at Night?

Chances are if you’re trying to lose weight you’ve come across a lot of expert advice and rules. These include rules around how often you should eat, what you should eat, how often you should work out and when. One “rule” that seems to be getting a lot of play these days is, “don’t eat at night.”
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Do You Have to Give Up Alcohol to Lose Weight?

I read some interesting stats recently. Did you know that most Americans double their drinking during the holidays? The average American drinks 100% more alcohol than they typically do between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. About 69% of people are more likely to overindulge during the holidays than any other time of year.
If you’re trying to lose weight you may be wondering whether you have to wave off drinking all together this holiday season.
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