Synergy personal training is exactly what I needed to help me rediscover my love for fitness. As a former gym rat I had several unsuccessful attempts at getting back into working out after having children. I had at least three gym memberships lapse or go completely unused. It was just too easy to make excuses for not getting there. I tried at home workouts that were certainly convenient but I quickly got bored of the monotony of doing the same routines over and over.

Fast forward through 20 sessions of small group training at Synergy and I feel like I’m finally getting back to my old self. The interval training of cardio and muscle toning is efficient and it works. I’ve learned that I don’t have to do an hour of cardio and a million reps to see results. The trainers put together workouts that are varied and really challenging. They push you to do your best in a way that is motivating and supportive. I walk out of every session feeling tired but accomplished! My initial results are promising — I’m down three inches on my waist and 5% body fat. I am so happy I found Synergy.

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After years of not exercising and being concerned about my weight, I signed up for Synergy’s 20-session introductory offer for small group training and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I lost 11 pounds, lowered my body fat by 6.2 percent, took two inches off my waist and feel stronger and healthier. I like the variation of the workouts and individual attention. I have signed up for a year and look forward to continued progress.

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I had been kicking around the idea of getting a personal trainer for a few months when I discovered Synergy. My own progress at the gym was minimal and I had little to no motivation from the lack of results. One on one personal training was simply too expensive. When I saw the package Synergy was advertising one night for small group training, I took a chance and went in to inquire about their services. I was so impressed by what I saw, I scheduled a consultation for that week. After my consultation, I immediately signed up for 24 sessions. I can say without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The trainers at Synergy are very knowledgeable, organized in their planning of each sessions’ routines, but most importantly they ensure that their clients go through a full and rigorous work out. As with anything, you get out of it what you put in. Staying faithful to my training sessions and adjusting my diet accordingly has allowed me to finally see the weight loss results I have been wanting for a long time (in 24 sessions I lost 12.5 lbs, lowered body fat by 5.5% and decreased BMI by 2.1!). I encourage anyone who is ready to improve their fitness to check out Synergy Personal Fitness Training.

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I joined small group training at Synergy soon after giving birth to my second child. I had gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy, my cholesterol was extremely high, my liver was fatty and my kidney function was low. I had no energy and could not even look at myself in the mirror. As a mother of 2 little boys I need energy. I want to be my best self for them. I have been at Synergy for 3 months now and am down 11 pounds and 7.5% body fat. My cholesterol has already dropped and my kidney and liver function are back to normal. I have a long way to go but I feel great. I have always been active and joined a number of gyms in the past but have never truly enjoyed a gym as much as I enjoy Synergy. I love the people and the encouragement they give you. I love the small amount of people in the gym and love the results I am seeing. I recommend Synergy to anyone and everyone. I plan to be a member for many years to come.

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I’m so grateful for everyone at Synergy. Working out at Synergy has helped me get back into eating healthy and actually enjoying exercise. The small group training makes each workout personal and the different sessions are accommodating for every schedule. Synergy has brought me back my confidence and now I feel healthy and empowered.

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I’ve been doing small group training at Synergy for nearly ten months and have lost over 25 pounds and 10% of my body fat. My strength has improved immensely. The team couldn’t be more supportive and motivating! The workouts are fun, focused and vary enough so that each visit is unique to keep me coming back for more. Every hour long session at Synergy flies by and leaves me feeling energized and healthy! After years of going to regular gyms and not knowing what to do in order to maximize my workouts, I am thankful to have found Synergy. My fitness and weight loss goals are now in sight and I am excited to keep up the progress!

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Awesome is the synonym that I use for Synergy! Thanks to Synergy I am in the best shape of my life. I feel healthy, I look forward to my workouts, and am encouraged to do better. Now after dropping 37.5 lbs. and lowering my body fat by 11% I can fit into my clothes and that is again inspiring me to be on the healthy track forever.I simply love working with Jimmy and want to thank you all for my new found confidence.

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I joined Synergy in October 2015 at the beginning of my senior year of college, after spending my spring semester traveling throughout Europe and my summer in Las Vegas. Upon returning to school, I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was overweight, out of shape and nothing about my lifestyle was healthy. I knew I needed something more than just a big box gym since that, and working out on my own, had not worked in the past. I needed a trainer, someone with the knowledge of different exercises and equipment, someone to motivate me and someone to challenge me. It was then that I found Synergy after a Google search and saw that they offered small group personal training. After a free assessment (what college kid doesn’t appreciate free stuff?), I signed up, knowing from the moment I walked in, that this place would change my life.

Brad, Jackie and the other trainers are incredibly friendly and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. They are extremely motivating and I was challenged and pushed in every workout. I loved the various opportunities there were for competition, such as the Biggest Loser challenge; as an athlete, I am always inspired by competition. There is such a great atmosphere at Synergy; it was a place I looked forward to going to get a great workout, to see familiar faces and to hear about the successes of my fellow workout buddies.

After graduating from Bentley University in May and moving back home to NY, I was no longer able to attend classes at Synergy (that would have been some commute). However, a year later, after many ups and downs, I am happy to say I am down 30 lbs.,

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Synergy is a great place to stay healthy. As a lazy person like myself who is always on and off exercising, I have currently lost 4 lbs. and I am down 5% body fat! The difference looks like much more than 4 pounds on my body because of all the fat that I have burned off! It is also an amazing feeling to be able to do 40 push ups at the time.Thank you Synergy! 10% to go!

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I have been going to Synergy for almost 2 months now and I have already lost about 10 lbs of weight and about 3.5% of body fat. My body feels great and there is a difference that friends and family have started to notice.

The unique aspect of Synergy is that the exercises are different and new every time you go; so there is less scope of them being repetitive. Both Sean and Jim are great trainers and will know you personally and will challenge and motivate you to do better.

Very satisfied and would definitely recommend Synergy to everyone.

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