I love Synergy! The trainers’ positive energy and enthusiasm, plus the kindness of the other members, has completely transformed my relationship with exercise, and I actually get upset when I have to miss a workout. The workouts also help with my chronic back and hip pain. Since switching to the online Zoom pandemic workouts, I’ve actually been able to fit even more workouts into my week, and they totally keep me sane during this stressful time. So grateful to Brad, Sean, and Emilia for transforming their format to the online platform for us to continue building strength and feeling great.

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Virtual classes by Synergy helped me go through these difficult times of the pandemic in a healthy way. Energetic trainers of Synergy gave me the opportunity to safely engage in group exercise at my own house. Same tempo, same energy! Boosted my mood! This was the best thing I could do for myself.

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I have always loved the feeling of working out but never liked the feeling of walking into a large gym with no guidance on what to do. After driving by Synergy PFT for months and months, peeking in the windows to see just how big it really was, I finally made the call and set up an appointment to meet Brad back in September 2019. He was so friendly and instantly made me feel comfortable about being back at a gym. While sitting down talking to Brad about why I wanted to get back into the gym and what my future goals were, one class was leaving for the day and another class was just starting up. Everyone who came in and out of the door, Brad knew their name and some bits of information about them. I left that day feeling like “this is my new gym!”

Once COVID-19 came about and businesses were starting to close my first concern was “What about my gym?” I had just hit my 6-month mark at Synergy and was now fully adapted to my new habit of going to the gym after work. Brad, Emilia and Sean assured us the gym would still go on and it did. Virtual workouts have helped me maintain not only my physical health but my mental health during these completely unnormal times. The staff has reached out to me personally via email and text to see how I am doing. They have loaned me gym equipment, cheered me on through my virtual workouts and thanked me for “making their day” by showing up to the sessions

Since joining Synergy, I have become stronger, healthier and more confident. What once was a short drive or 15 minutes’ walk to the gym,

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Small Group Training Gym (SGTG) that can accommodate someone with limitations. Reasonably priced – not requiring more than a month of fees upfront. Reputation for honesty and longevity. A trainer who can juggle and personalize workouts. Availability of morning classes. Friendly folks. Not more than 5 miles from home.

After an exhaustive search for a small group training gym that felt right, I found Synergy. The owner and head trainer have been there for over 12 years. The owner is present most days and knows each and every member by name. The two trainers are of the highest caliber. The scheduling is easy, works smoothly and the financial aspect is transparent and accurate. No hassles.

I’m over 70 and have many limitations. I’m a veteran of the last six years of another SGTG that had one trainer after another come and go. It was very disruptive and the gym went out of business, leaving most of us high and dry. The lead trainer at Synergy automatically gives me alternate exercises when I hit my limitations. When the pandemic restrictions were put in place they immediately designed on-line classes, which have been a terrific success.

I can’t say enough about this gym, the trainers, and the owner. They are accountable on every level and the workouts are top notch. I not only found a really good gym but a community of folks that I now consider an integral part of keeping healthy. Just walking into the gym you can feel the energy.

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I joined Synergy 10 weeks ago and I have lost 12.5 pounds and have lowered my body fat % from 40.2% to 31.3%. I feel thinner, stronger, and more energetic. The interval training breaks the workout into six 9-minute sections, so it never feels tedious. The coaches I see (Emilia, Sean, and Brad) are excellent! Not only are they friendly and encouraging, but they are able to adjust the workout to accommodate all ability levels in the class. I highly recommend Synergy. I just signed up for three more months.

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Before starting small group training at Synergy… working out felt like a chore. But Synergy taught me that you can have a tough workout and burn fat while having fun! Each time I went in, I’d learn a new workout and the trainers would help me perfect my form and make sure I was doing it correctly, which I loved. The best part about Synergy was how they tracked my progress by having an “assessment week”. The assessment week really made me feel like I was making a difference in my body and my overall health. On top of all that, everyone that works there is so friendly and good at what they do. It was great coming in a few times a week and always seeing their smiling faces and chatting with them! They genuinely care about their clients and want you to become the best version of yourself.

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I have never been athletic but always wanted to be someone who enjoyed working out. However, after gaining weight in college this want became a need to begin a healthier lifestyle. I had a gym membership at the time but lacked motivation to go more than a few times. I did some research and found Synergy. This was the best decision I made for my fitness journey! The environment is welcoming unlike gyms I had gone to in the past. The trainers are encouraging and helpful, and the small group training is great because you can get help from a trainer and work out with other people which motivates you. I never thought I’d be someone who could say I look forward to going to the gym, but I can honestly say I enjoy the workouts at Synergy. So far I have lost 14lbs and feel better and healthier than I ever have. I’m so glad I chose to join Synergy and look forward to continuing my fitness journey here!

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I signed up for small group training in January and did the new client special, and got a membership after I went to all my intro sessions. I love working out here! All the trainers are great, greet every client by name, and create an atmosphere you feel very comfortable in. The workouts are hard, but not overwhelming. I have lost 6% of my body fat, and I feel so much stronger. The online scheduling is also very easy. I would recommend Synergy to anyone!

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I cannot say enough good things about Synergy! I started small group training at Synergy in January 2019 and as of May 2019, I am down 40 pounds! Synergy feels more like a family than a gym – between the trainers and the other members you are constantly supported. Sean, Emilia, and Linnea are phenomenal! They carefully guide you through each workout offering suggestions on how to make the workout more effective and will even modify any exercise to suit your needs. I have tried several other gyms and classes before and nothing has been more effective and more enjoyable than Synergy! Join today – you won’t regret it. I know I don’t!

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I am one of those people that has no idea what to do at the gym. But when I noticed a few extra pounds on my body I knew I had to do something, so I joined small group training at Synergy. One of the best decisions I ever made. In just 16 sessions I lost 8 pounds and lowered my body fat percentage by 6%. I did modify my portions and also chose healthier foods. The workouts are intense but in a good way. There’s no pressure and no shaming from the trainers. They work you hard enough to make a difference and work with you to modify if you can’t do a particular exercise. All the trainers have their own style and the variety makes for exciting sessions and no 2 sessions are ever alike. I can already do exercises that I wasn’t able to in the beginning. I’m very happy with my choice to join this group and will continue on my weight loss and fitness journey with them.

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